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A solution for child carers developed by child carers.

Vizilogger has been developed by experienced childcare company, Superkids Limited, along with a Manchester-based software developer. It came about after the people at Superkids noticed the ever-increasing mountain of paper being consumed and stored in order to comply with Ofsted requirements to sign children in and out. For a company with a number of settings, paper and printing costs were running high and trying to find room to store past records without a costly archiving service led Superkids to go paperless. Along with online booking and management systems they also put their mind to developing an online signing in and out system and so Vizilogger was born.

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A safe and simple concept

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Once online signing in changed from concept to possibility it was just a case of designing the safest and simplest way of achieving it. What has resulted is a highly secure yet easy to use system which uses our ability as humans to match photos to people's faces. After extensive testing by Superkids, Vizilogger is now ready for other childcare providers to use. It's perfect for those companies and carers with a commitment to improving the environment by reducing their use of paper. At the same time it slashes printing costs and shows parents how seriously they take the safeguarding of children in their care. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from Vizilogger.

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Safer signing in & out

At Vizilogger we understand that child carers have to manage their budget carefully. That's why we are offering a FREE TRIAL of the Vizilogger system before you commit to spending anything. The FREE TRIAL gives you the chance to see how simple Vizilogger is to set up and use with a small number of your customers. We're confident you'll see it's benefits and how it can save you time and money. Sign up below or contact us to arrange your FREE TRIAL.

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Valuable Words From Clients


Vizilogger is much quicker than paper - especially when you've got 3 children. I got a secret code on my phone to set up, which only I knew, so it's a lot safer, especially when you're collecting. It means not just anybody can collect.


It's very straightforward to set up new people. I just had to ring the office with their name and number and they did the rest. It's really quick to do - just a couple of taps and they're signed out.


'Rigorous security measures and meticulous arrangements for checking the identification of adults collecting children are implemented.' Inspection Report Nov 2016

Inspection Report
Inspection Report

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