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  • Dec Mon, 2016


You know what it’s like for parents around this time of year; on top of all the usual work and family stuff they somehow have to be a Super Parent too. And if their little ones are not so little anymore, they’ve got to source this year’s must have playthings, then sneak round the house like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, trying to find a suitable place to conceal them. Making Santa’s job easier is exhausting at times! All this while trying to sneak a quick after-work glühwein– just to get into the festive spirit, of course.

So, they book a couple of extra sessions at the Out of School Club and organise Grandad to pick them up, to take advantage of the late-night opening (and that German Market glow!).

tabThat’s where the Vizilogger online sign-in sign-out system steps in to ease their Christmas stress. Just a quick phone call or email to let the carer know Grandad’s mobile and they can get Grandad set up on Vizilogger. So even if he’s never been to pick up before he’ll arrive with a text containing a one-off password to get set up, so the carer knows the person arriving to pick up is the right person. One quick photo and he’s on the system, ready for the next time he comes to the rescue.

To find out more about how Vizilogger makes life easier for parents and gives everyone extra security and peace of mind, give us a call on 0161 850 6650 or try our FREE TRIAL at

Valuable Words From Clients


Vizilogger is much quicker than paper - especially when you've got 3 children. I got a secret code on my phone to set up, which only I knew, so it's a lot safer, especially when you're collecting. It means not just anybody can collect.


It's very straightforward to set up new people. I just had to ring the office with their name and number and they did the rest. It's really quick to do - just a couple of taps and they're signed out.


'Rigorous security measures and meticulous arrangements for checking the identification of adults collecting children are implemented.' Inspection Report Nov 2016

Inspection Report
Inspection Report

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