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Vizilogger is a mobile web app for nurseries and other childcare settings that need a secure way to manage registration and collection of children. It gives carers and parents complete peace of mind during the hand over or collection of their child. Safer and more thorough than current paper and digital systems, it uses pre-approved photos of trusted guardians allowing carers to register and dispatch with increased peace of mind.

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Real time tracking


Vizilogger creates a to-the-minute record of all hand overs, with Ofsted compliant records stored securely in your account, available instantly for inspection, significantly reducing your paper and printing costs, as well as time spent searching archives.

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Smart Technology keeping children secure and safe


The Vizilogger system takes away all doubts that the person taking responsibility
for a child has everyone’s full trust. It is quicker than signing in on a paper record
and creates a secure, to-the- minute, digital record of each handover.

That means no more paper records, costly printing of sign in/out sheets and time-consuming searching back through archives, which would no longer
take up storage space.

A proven solution ensuring children’s safety


Vizilogger has already been successfully rolled out during an extended
trial at a number of childcare settings in Cheshire and South Manchester.

The trial has been a big success, with parents, carers and Ofsted being

enthusiastic about the increased security and speed to signing in and out.

The software was developed through a joint venture between a
Manchester-based tech company and Superkids, a group of successful
nurseries and childcare clubs, established in 2001.

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Valuable Words From Clients


Vizilogger is much quicker than paper - especially when you've got 3 children. I got a secret code on my phone to set up, which only I knew, so it's a lot safer, especially when you're collecting. It means not just anybody can collect.


It's very straightforward to set up new people. I just had to ring the office with their name and number and they did the rest. It's really quick to do - just a couple of taps and they're signed out.


'Rigorous security measures and meticulous arrangements for checking the identification of adults collecting children are implemented.' Inspection Report Nov 2016

Inspection Report
Inspection Report

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